Project Femme Noire is a photo series initiative that showcases and celebrates women of colour who live in Québec City. The project aims to bring attention to these women and their interconnecting stories of overcoming societal barriers, resiliency and strength.

The Introduction
by Michelle Osbourne

Watch how Project Femme Noire went from a small idea to a big project.

Michelle Osbourne

Michelle Osbourne

Creative Director, Project Femme Noire
Communications Specialist | Multi-disciplined Educator
Social Activist | Content Creator

Michelle Osbourne is a communications professional, multi-disciplined educator and change agent that specializes in helping marginalized communities build socially conscious brands. As a woman’s rights advocate and content creator she works from an anti-racist, anti-oppression, intersectional feminist framework and can often be heard speaking on topics such as marginalized woman issues, body positivity, radical self-acceptance and LGBTQ2+ rights. She has been a frequent guest speaker on CBC Radio One, voted as one of CBC’s 2021 Black Change Makers, featured on City News Montreal, is a Dove Real Life Model ambassador and has been a guest speaker on several podcasts. With over 15 years of experience working in marketing and communications, Michelle is the Principal of her own branding and communications studio Michelle Osbourne & Co. and is also the visionary behind Project Femme Noire.

Michelle is passionate about helping women and non-binary persons from marginalized communities augment their voice and the goal with her work is to create safe spaces for said communities to be inspired, network and learn.

Cagdas Yoldas

Cagdas Yoldas


Cagdas is a fine art portrait photographer. His work has been published in many magazines such as Martha Stewart Wedding, Cosmopolitan, InStyle and has also been featured on variety of different web sites. His photos have been commercially used by many global brands. Cagdas was born in Turkey and recently moved to Québec City, Canada.

French Translation by Lucile Ployet.